Convert CHF to ARS - Swiss Franc to Argentine Peso Exchange Rate

Check out the latest CHF to ARS exchange rate alongside the latest trends, Swiss Franc to Argentine Peso charts and helpful information.
0.00 Swiss Franc =
0.00 Argentine Pesos
1 CHF = 952.3155409 ARS
Last updated:
1/3/24 12:05 am
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CHF to ARS chart

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CHF/ARS conversion rates

10 CHF 10 ARS
25 CHF 25 ARS
50 CHF 50 ARS
100 CHF 100 ARS
500 CHF 500 ARS
1000 CHF 1000 ARS
5000 CHF 5000 ARS
10000 CHF 10000 ARS
50000 CHF 50000 ARS

ARS/CHF conversion rates

10 ARS 10 CHF
25 ARS 25 CHF
50 ARS 50 CHF
100 ARS 100 CHF
500 ARS 500 CHF
1000 ARS 1000 CHF
5000 ARS 5000 CHF
10000 ARS 10000 CHF
50000 ARS 50000 CHF

How to convert CHF to ARS

Convert CHF to ARS in 3 simple steps...
Step 1

Input your amount

In our currency converter tool above, simply enter the amount you wish to convert in the amount field.

Step 2

Choose your currencies

Then, select the currency you wish to convert from and convert to.

Step 3

That's it!

We'll then show you the rate of exchange for that currency pair, alongside a chart and some helpful information.

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About the Swiss Franc

Name: Swiss Franc
Symbol: Fr.
Minor unit: 1/100 rappen
Country: Switzerland
Central bank: Swiss National Bank
Rank in most traded currencies: 8
Country flag

About the Argentine Peso

Name: Argentine Peso
Symbol: ARS
Minor unit: 1/100 centavo
Country: Argentina
Central bank: Central Bank of Argentina
Rank in most traded currencies:

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