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With our comparisons, reviews and guides, we're here to help you understand the world of money transfers and save you some money along the way.

What is TopMoneyCompare?

Who are we?

TopMoneyCompare is a UK-based price comparison and informational website for international money transfer providers and products.

With the basic aim of connecting you with an appropriate service, we provide in-depth company reviews, comparisons and money transfer guides to allow you to choose your provider with confidence.

Our company reviews zoom in on safety, cost, service and customer reviews by looking at their regulations, exchange rates and fees, features, customer feedback and more. Our team is led by Matt Lewis, our Chief Writer, who brings a wealth of experience as a passionate writer and coder, having worked extensively with currency brokers. Alongside him is Russell Gous, our Editor-in-Chief and Strategist, who boasts a decade of experience in finance. He worked for Barclays and WorldFirst, as well as authored multiple personal finance guides.

With TopMoneyCompre, you can compare providers side-by-side to see which one is truly right for you.

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Our numbers so far...

Founded in 2021, we've steadily grown to reach a wider audience and help more people save money on their international transfers.

We're on a mission to help people save millions.

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Our values

What we're all about

We keep a few things held high above anything else.


All of the companies we display, write about and link to are regulated in some form. That way, you'll always be safe.


We always thoroughly research and fact-check the content we post, making sure it's truthful and free from plagiarism.


Our rankings and ratings are completely determined by the independent reviews and research we conduct, not by the referral fees we receive.

We've partnered with some of the industries best companies

How is TopMoneyCompare funded?

How do we make money?

As this website is entirely free to use, you’re probably wondering how we maintain it.

We generate our revenue through selected providers on our site.

We may receive a fee every time someone clicks the providers link, or when a referred customer makes a transfer.

This has absolutely no effect on your rates and fees when using any provider.

It also doesn't effect our rankings or ratings.

We will never ask you for money or charge a subscription fee.

All of the information provided here is free and available to anyone.

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