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How to use our currency converter

Convert your currencies in 3 steps...
Step 1

Input the amount

Select your countries, enter your transfer amount and hit compare. We'll show you the cheapest companies available.

Step 2

Select your currencies

Click the dropdowns and choose the currency you're converting from and converting to.

Step 3

Click 'Convert'

When that's all done, simply click 'Convert' and we'll show you your converted amount, the rate of exchange, a handy chart and more.


Here are some answers to the questions we get asked the most.

How do you convert one currency to another?

You use the exchange rate to convert currencies. You multiply the first currency amount by the exchange rate to work out how much it's worth in the other currency. For example, if the GBP to EUR exchange rate is 1.15, every £1 is worth €1.15, and every £2 is worth €2.30, etc. Use our currency converter to quickly convert one currency to another.

How do I convert my money into another currency?

You use a bank or a third-party company to convert your real money. TopMoneyCompare is a price comparison website comparing different currency exchange services and their prices, looking to help you find the best exchang. Scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the green form by selecting your sending and receiving countries and send amount, and we'll show you the cheapest currency exchange providers available. Simply sign up with your chosen company and they'll help you convert your money.

Why do currency exchange rates differ from company to company?

Simply put, there are so many variables at play when it comes to calculating a trading exchange rate. The biggest factor is level of service; the better and more personalised the service is, the worse the exchange rate you'll receive. This is your way of paying for the additional service. Some people like to have their own personal 1-on-1 account manager when transferring money abroad, and some people just like to do it all themselves on an app. It all depends on what type of customer journey you're after.

What currencies can I convert with TopMoneyCompare's converter?

We provide all the major currencies and more, up to 46 total. We're working on bringing more currencies to our converter soon.

What is the mid-market exchange rate?

The mid-market exchange rate is the central (and real) exchange rate set by the banks. You will not receive this exchange rate when transferring money abroad (unless paying an additional fee, in which case you aren't really getting that rate anyway). Most companies provide a mark-up onto the rate, which is how they make their money. Some companies are expensive, some cheaper. That's why it's always best to compare exchange rates before sending money abroad.

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